The Investor, from micro to macro.




The greatest question in all industries is "why?". Why should you invest your finances with STILL RE. Well, the answer is simple: because we care. STILL uses its technologies and talents to improve chances of success on every decision we make. We keep our network of investors informed, educated, and up-to-date with evertyhing we know. A transparent idea allows us all to see the vision. 

STILL's investor objectives were one of the foundational pillars on which the STILL brand was birthed.

With STILL's founder stemming from one of the largest private equity funds in NYC. We have formulated our own way of creating a fund that ensures prominent returns and uncompromising risk. Our funds are dedicated to projects that pique the intellect of the brand and can better enrich the way people enjoy their lives.

STILL sends our network of clients weekly-to-monthly letters with updates that entail our plan and where the company sees room for our next opportunity.

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