The Seller, value assured. 

Phase 1:

The evaluation.

Before STILL, Seller's were faced with difficult decision in regards to deciphering what their properties were worth. With no real intel, data, or software - owner's have been left to rely heavily on unfounded speculations. STILL RE uses real data, real numbers and a real market analysis in order to fully grasp how much your property is worth.

However, the most crucial aspect of STILL's product isn't just the evaluation, but rather the justification of the list. STILL's offering memorandums have been outsourced by some of the largest commercial brokerages in the world, in some of the largest markets in the world. 

STILL is now giving this market power to every owner, in every market.

Phase 2:

The Pitch.

Never has the pitch been so important in an industry. In today's world, with technology providing potential buyer's an absolute overload of prospective assets, it's become harder to garner a purchaser's attention. 

As a apart of STILL's OM, a full and complete sales pitch and deck is provided in order to optimize the selling process. STILL uses the truth, analytics, and vision to educate buyers for their clients. Shedding light on opportunity and drastically eliminating excess leeway in the negotiation process.


Phase 3:

The Close.

Just as same for our buyers. STILL guarantees proper and transparent coverage for our clients throughout the entire process.

Making our team of analysts and agents ready to conquer all and any tasks that could arise in the closing process.