Brokers have a lot to manage as deal makers. Sourcing new listings, marketing current listings, and making sure their sales actually close when they’re done. It’s no mystery why brokers have little time to put together financial feasibilities studies to show investors the specific numbers behind the projects they’re selling.

On the other hand, developers (the buyers) are deal takers. They know a good deal when they see one and tend to run lean shops, relying on their own experience and expertise. It’s rare to find developers with teams of analysts, unless they hit a critical mass. For that reason, running the numbers behind any project is an extensive use of time. They’d rather work with brokers they know and trust to bring them the deals that make sense.

That leaves investment brokers in a confined position, unable to grow and reach the qualified buyer.

STILL Real Estate is changing things.

1. STILL Real Estate is an intermediary servicer.

It works on both sides of the transaction: modeling acquisitions and development analysis for owners & investors, and conducting financial feasibility studies and offering memorandums for brokers.

STILL RE Case Study — Commissioned Design of 112-key Hilton Developmen

STILL RE uses the same analytical approach working with brokers that it does when analyzing a project for a developer. As an integral part of the buying team and selling team, STILL Real Estate ensures that its services are designed to attract quality attention to the project. Brokers receive the same support as the buyer, creating a more efficient marketing and sale process.

2. STILL RE helps brokers expand their networks.

Investors tend to blindly work with full-service brokerages and capital advisory teams, because they provide investment analysis that the typical broker cannot replicate. 
With STILL Real Estate’s multi-variable, project-tailored financial models able to run any assumptions desired, investors do not hesitate to give the property a second, third and fourth look from a broker they haven’t worked with before.

3. STILL RE gets properties sold quicker.

An investor no longer needs a week for his team of analysts to assess a project’s viability. With in-depth, extensive financial modeling and analysis, brokers can approach sophisticated investors with all the information necessary to make a decision on day 1.

STILL Real Estate offers brokers and developers a chance to outsource their real estate analysis for as little as $300. Reach out to STILL Real Estate today to get your project going!