STILL RE offers brokers and developers a chance to compete with expert analysis.

STILL Real Estate believes property analysis should be outsourced.

The cost for a full-time experienced analyst is overbearing for any small or mid-sized real estate brokerage or development firm. In order to compete for funding and solicit qualified bids, real estate professionals need to illustrate the property’s merits and ensure that their projects are financially feasible.

Typically, this is a job for the analyst. Large brokers and developers with sums of capital hire full-time analysts to perform these tasks. When business is good, those analysts keep busy. During the slow seasons, however, it’s more difficult to fill their time.

Keeping a lean organization is paramount for brokers and developers with only a few ongoing projects at any time. You don’t want to get caught with a team of analysts during a market slowdown. Nor should you be paying analysts to sit around looking at overpriced properties during a hot market.

There is a way to get your project funded or sold without onboarding a team of professionals. STILL Real Estate performs analysis on an ad-hoc basis. Services include project-tailored financial modeling, pitch decks, offering memorandums, and market research.

With years of expertise in real estate finance and development, STILL can be the catalyst to your successful start in the property market and the next step toward growing your business to scale. Get your project going by reaching out to STILL Real Estate today for a free quote!